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We Help Your Body Fight Cancer

Medically there is no cure for cancer. We help our cancer clients reduce or avoid the negative effects of Chemotherapy & Radiation Therapy. We do this by reconstituting their bodies' immune system so it can do its job and kill cancer cells. Without damaging the beneficial bacteria the gut microbiota needs to stay healthy. While patients undergoing chemotherapy experience for severely compromised immune systems may become ill from the many side effects. Our clients actually show health improvements from the start of our cancer protocols. We use natural solutions to neutralize the negative effects associated with conventional treatments so that only the positive effects remain. More importantly, with natural compounds, we can target the cancer stem cells so the cancers do not return in later years. As noted in PubMed conventional medicines are drug-resistant to the cancer stem cells; the same bad cells that natural properties have devastating capabilities to kill the cancer stem cells.



We start by sending you our test kit for your doctor to take your blood sample then return it to our lab for a natural blood level marker. After we receive your labs we start our protocol to rebalance the body's microbiomes by stimulating your immune system. We guild you in diet correction accordingly, targeted herbs, sea compounds, extracts, fatty acids, and other natural ingredients




We blend science by examining all of the body’s systems and how they interact, with the gut, brain, relationship. By looking at the effects of the body immune system markers, we can see the effects that are often missed by conventional testing.

We evaluate each person as an individual. Understanding how the body is responding to our cancer protocol.  Our clients simply feel better throughout the process as their personal health continues to improve. The client's body grows stronger, through activating macrophages in your immune system to recognize, seeing the mutating cancer cells by eating and killing the bad cells and repairing damaged cells.  


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