MAF-ULTRA capsules with colostrum capsules.


Next Generation MAF activator.






  • The Structure of MAF-ULTRA provides macrophage activation which cannot be inactivated by deglycosylation.
  • MAF-ULTRA has a Multivalent structure
  • MAF-ULTRA has an analgesic effect to treat pain resulting from any cause.
  • MAF-ULTRA effects the immune system by activation of cells of the monocyte/macrophage lineage and/or other lymphoid cells.
  • MAF-ULTRA causes macrophage activation within minutes, which is much faster than that of traditional cytokines which take five hours.
  • MAF-ULTRA activates and enhances the immune response. MAF-ULTRA Inhibits the immunosuppressive responses and enhances the effector T cell responses.
  • MAF-ULTRA enhances the efficacy of effector T cell function, by increasing the ratio of effector T cells to regulatory T cells within the tumor and the tumor microenvironment.
  • MAF-ULTRA Suppresses the population of regulatory T cells within the tumor and the tumor microenvironment and alters the cytokine profile of the subject to enhance to efficacy of effector T cell function, by inducing a several-fold increase of IL-2, IL-12p70, IL-21, IL-27, TNFa, and IFNy in serum. Increase in serum levels of these cytokines occur within 4 hours.
  • MAF-ULTRA maybe used to treat a large range of infections arising from viruses, parasites or mycobacteria.
  • MAF-ULTRA Promotes a broad expansion of immune cell populations not matched by Gc-MAF.
  • MAF-ULTRA has a very wide effective dosage rate from very small to high range without negative side effects.


Each capsule is enterically coated (acid-resistant). This enteric coating allows the capsule to pass through the stomach avoiding stomach acids that will break down the protein, the capsule then dissolves in the small intestine for complete absorption.


Each Capsule Contains:




  • Bovine Colostrum powder supplying Immunoglobulins & other immune factors.




Oral administration: To be taken with water: take 1 capsule daily on an empty stomach (30 minutes before food or 2 hours after). Many prefer to take this first thing in the morning before breakfast and / or before bedtime.



  • For higher doses, Oral MAF-ULTRA withcolostrum may be take orally 2-4 times daily.




MAF-ULTRA (see fig 1, fig 2, fig 3.)


Promotes a broad expansion of immune cell populations


Cytokines/chemokines in the sera (Serum) of 4T1 tumor-bearing Balb/c mice treated with MAF-ULTRA at doses of:

•      0.1 nmole/g body weight (orange)

•      1.0 nmole/g body weight (grey)

•      PBS (blue) as Control (PBS = Phosphate-buffered saline.)


4 h after administration.


Values indicate relative densities of dots on the mouse L-308 membrane array


4T1 = mammary carcinoma


Note: TNF-β is the same as lymphotoxin-α







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